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Forrester named Software AG A Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Integration For Enterprises, Q4 2016

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Customers of Software AG’s Integration Cloud gain the ability to integrate a broad range of data and applications, whether in the cloud or on premises, and support for orchestration, transformation, messaging, wizard-based tooling, and much more.

Forrester Research has recognized Software AG as a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Integration For Enterprises, Q4 2016

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Integration Cloud is Software AG’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offering, a cloud-based service that makes it quick and easy to configure integrations between all your organization’s SaaS applications.

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Shake Up Your Integration Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation

The pace of today’s digital business demands a new integration strategy. By 2018, in most organizations at least 50% of new integration flows will be implemented by “citizen integrators” from business, rather than IT. Organizations that empower this business-led integration will see a competitive advantage in agility. See the five steps Gartner recommends to shake up your integration strategy.

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Companies today need to integrate with an ever-increasing numbers of of cloud applications. Do you have a strategy for meeting this challenge that considers the key factors that will ensure your cloud integration program is a success?

Answer these 6 questions to see whether you're seeing the big picture.

the questions

What is your integration “center of gravity?”

Hosting integration tools near your applications is important for maintaining transaction performance. Where are your key applications such as ERP and CRM located--are they in the cloud, on premises, or both? And where do you expect them to be in the next 3-5 years?


How much control and responsibility do you want?

These days, you have flexibility to choose how much direct responsibility and control you want over your applications and systems. But control comes with upkeep costs. Do you want full control, or does it make sense to outsource some control to expert vendors?


Who are your integration users?

With the rise of cloud-based applications, responsibility for integration is changing from IT experts to business users. As a result, the teams building integrations may not have technical expertise. Will your hybrid integration strategy support both types of users?


How will you keep up with project demands?

With more SaaS applications comes greater demand for integration projects. Many IT teams are already struggling to keep up with project demand. How will you meet the growing needs of integration projects in the future?


How can you be flexible for different types of projects?

Do your simple integrations cost just as much as your complex ones? Are you dependent on a small team of experts for all your projects? It's important to take different approaches between fast, non-critical projects and slower, business-critical integrations. How will you stay flexible?


How will you ensure data quality for your systems of record?

Integration inherently affects data quality and project stability. Governance and controls are essential for mitigating risk and maintaining compliance policies. Do you have a plan to ensure data quality and access for compliance?


To learn more, download Software AG’s eBook “Six Steps to Creating Your Hybrid Integration Strategy”.

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To learn more, download Software AG's latest eBook: “Six Steps to Creating Your Hybrid Integration Strategy”.

1 retailer, 40 million catalog options An e-commerce integration success story

One of the world's largest do-it-yourself retailers faced an e-commerce challenge: with over 500 branches and 100,000 items, web customers needed instant access to over 40 million combinations of products, prices and availability. See how Software AG's webMethods and BigMemory enabled the store to integrate and scale its online operations to deliver a fast, uniform customer experience across multiple platforms.

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Using webMethods for Easy API Management

Built on Market-Leading Technology

Software AG's webMethods Integration Platform is a proven, pre-integrated software suite, featuring the market-leading Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that enables enterprises to rapidly integrate systems, services, devices, processes, business partners and data to provide new business value and improve business performance. These capabilities are also available in webMethods Cloud — and they’re all an integrated part of the Digital Business Platform.

Software AG has integrated all building blocks to create the world’s first Digital Business Platform - empowering you to master your Digital Transformation.

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